About us

Safs Organic Enterprises is a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of products. The product range offered by the company having complete range of Bio Fertilizers, Bio fungicides, Bio pesticides and Bio Growth promoters.

Safs Organic Enterprises

The company also offers services for Organic Farming Consultancy. The products and services, offered by the company, are known for being an innovative and unique solution for farmers, agricultural sector and home gardens across India. These products are certified by the Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products (ISCOP). The products are manufactured and quality-tested from the pioneer of the Indian organic farming industry RomVijay Biotech Pvt Ltd (Puducherry) and they are well-tested in different geographical conditions and proven across India since decades.

Established in September 2012 at Puducherry, the company has acquired a prominent and enviable position in this domain. Under the visionary guidance by group of Agricultural Domain Scientist and Professionals, the company has been constantly improving with every passing day.


We are committed to deliver and serve technological, innovative high quality organic bio input products to farmers and gardeners.


Our vision is to help farmers improve their livelihood by making the soil fertile to yield productive high quality output with less resources and contribute towards building eco friendly environment.

Why Us?

The following points highlight the credentials of the company : Our high quality products are innovative, tested and proven in Indian soil since last 20 years to improve soil fertility naturally. Wide range of products to improve plant nutrient, control plant insects and pest, protect plant soil born diseases and enable plant growth to deliver high productivity results. Products are tested in Indian organic industry pioneer RomVijay Biotech labs and different geographical locations across India. Indian society for certification of organic products (ISCOP) approved. Our strategy build our supply chain to make easy accessible to farmers. End to end support service to assist non organic to organic conversion. Diversified bio technology and agricultural industry team mentored by group of industry scientists.


In the early 1950’s the population growth was more than the production of the food items and hence, the complete food security was lost and we were forced to think of Green Revolution through the chemical plant nutrients of NPK to meet the food security for all. We forced the soil to produce more crops using technology and chemical fertilizers whereas we provided very little organic inputs back to soil. Chemical fertilizer usage has become common across the world to yield higher productivity and farmers forget about retaining the organic carbon levels in the soil. Over a period of 50 years, the soil has lost its fertility and its productivity has started declining. Presently, we require a higher amount of chemical fertilizers to produce the required amount of output. It is very well known to farmers that quantity of urea, phosphate and potash required is increasing with every crop season.

Micro-organisms make the whole world work naturally. Plants seeding, growth and yield are dealt with by the microbes. There are millions of microbes that help the plants to grow, produce and yield. This complete cycle is controlled by microbes. There are some special microbes that help the plant to get the naturally available nutrition’s and enable plants to grow without chemical fertilizers (example: dent forest). These micro-organisms are identified in scientific labs and grown in the lab environment and sent back to the soil with the carrier materials. These micro-organisms have the nature of reproducing on their own and multiply in the soil when healthy organic carbon media exists. It helps the plants to grow naturally with minimum chemical fertilizer requirement.

Our products and services are proactive and innovative to rebuild the soil fertility without the use of much chemical fertilizers using bio fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides to help the farmers to use minimum input cost for farming and maximum yield with the longer duration.